Who is Selin Mengu at MAFS 2022: Age, Biography and Net Worth

Selin Mengu is a Single mother who participated in MAFS (Marriage at First Sight) season 9 in search of her love. MAFS is a famous dating show which is held in Australia. This show will prepare the people with different characteristics like sweet, lovelorn, wild, and chaotic. Selin Mengu is an executive assistant and her age is 32 years right now. Selin lives in Sydney and she came to the MAFS show to find a good person and a good father for her son Roman.

She introduces herself in the show that she has a kid who turns three now and hoping to find her special half in this TV show who will stay forever in her and her son’s life. Selin expressed her weakness that she is nervous about being hurt again and she doesn’t want to be guilty in her son’s view so MAFS show is the only hope to find her true love and grab the opportunity for lifetime happiness.

Clashed Between Selin and Her Ex-Husband

According to the sources, more reasons are revealed from Selin’s side as she only posted in her social media account about her son. When Selin had celebrated her bachelorette party and her wedding visuals, later she removed all the pictures of her marriage and posts related to her husband. After 1 year in 2018, she welcomed her baby on 6th April 2019.

According to her latest MAFS bio, she revealed that after divorce from her husband she wants to have a cover-up of the past three years by welcoming the future groom into her life.

Selin Mengu Career

Before she was an executive assistant, she worked in NAB bank as an assistant branch manager, and before that she managed many executive assistant roles to have a complete experience about the workplace environment because she is a single mother and all the requirements of her son should be maintained by her.

Selin Mengu’s parents are very supportive of her career. Their parents supported her in all aspects and the fact is that their parents agreed to participate in the MAFS show season 9.

Selin started her career as a model and she always wanted to become a top model where she has done many casting about her modeling in different casting websites such as Star now and iStudio. On her website bio she used to have a caption that she is interested in working with fashion designers, makeup artists, and photographers by being a representative model.

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