Who is Sound Sultan Wife Chichi Morah? Age and Family

After the death of a Nigerian singer, rapper Olanrewaju Fasasi famously known as Sound sultan, their fans are curious to know about his wife Chichi Morah. He got diagnosed with Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma in the April of the same year. He then went to America for his treatment. He took chemotherapy session there.

Nigerian rapper had passed away at the age of 44. He had been suffering from throat cancer since long time. His family doctor Dr. Kaoyode Fasasi officially confirmed his death. He states “it is of great sadness of sudden departure of the famous singer.

He gets famous from the song “bushmeat”. At the time of treatment, the singer was not so active on the social media. Singer have wife name Chichi Morah, three children and siblings.

Who is Chichi Morah? This article is all about the wife of Sound sultan. Keep reading about his wife.

Chichi Morah real name is Farida Fasasi. Earlier, she belongs to Christian religion but later on changed to Islamic, Sultan. She is better known as a wife of famous singer Sound sultan. They both married in 2009 and since 2009 to till Sultan death, they both were together. After marriage, she changed her name too. Chichi Morah is in her mid 30s. She is a Nigerian beauty. The couple is blessed with two sons and one daughter. The name of their sons is Mayowa and Bidemi. Mayowa is 10 years old and is an elder son while Bidemi is a younger son. Their daughter name is Zara Fasasi. Sound sultan always posted with his children. His recent post was on Father’s day where he was singing a song with his three children.

Chichi don’t like limelight. Once in an interview, Sound sultan said that no one can identify Farida as a Sultan’s wife in any event. She would be look like a guest; this is because of her behavior she treats peopled. This is the reason their relationship and marriage last since long time. The death of her beloved husband breaks her into parts. At cemetery, she was lying on his coffin and whispering “I don’t want to let him go. I don’t want to bury him”. This was really a heart break situation for Sultan’s family.

The net worth of Chichi Morah isn’t revealed individually. But she shared the fortune and assets with her husband who was a popular artist and Dj from Nigeria. Their kids will get the property and assets.

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