Who is star Girl Crush Bomi on only fans? photos on Instagram

K-pop star creates first onlyf account from Korea

Girl Crush Bomi has created history today. She became the first Korean Pop singer to join Onlyf. The platform has become so common and household name today. It’s been very famous in West part of world but still have to weave heat in Asian parts. Let’s look for the reason, why the star has open Onlyf account? Does she out of the group? Girl Crush Bomi is also a popular star on Instagram profile. Her latest pictures are quite viral in the fans.

Who is Girl Crush Bomi?

Girl Crush Bomi is a famous 25 years old Korean pop star singer who made debut as a K-pop group BRAVE GIRLS. Before being a part of K-pop group, she was the part of a Dance group in 2016. She is the main dancer and rapper of the group. She puts efforts in forming the group and is very much responsible for making recognized her group. It took around 10 years for Brave girl to stand out from other K-pop groups.

Songs and Music career

Their song Rollin went viral in the year 2021. The new version of Rollin hits views of 1.3 million. In 2019, the group with the help of Crowd funding debut with the song “Memories”. After that they continuously put over songs like Rollin, Iggy Azalea’s and more. The group is known for their seductive performances and exposing outfits. Only two songs get more like, Kream with 886k views and Rollin with 1.3 million views on you tube.

Why the K-Pop group star opened onlyf account?

It’s been the first time that any K-pop star has opened Onlyf account. She herself announces this news on Twitter. She advertises herself and said to subscribe the account for $15. She will upload exclusive photos soon. The star is already is in contract with famous apps and websites of Korea. She already sells her pictures to other websites.

When quickly got the ten thousands of fans on only fans after she announced about it in public.

Adult content is totally ban and illegal in South Korea. Still there are some loopholes that provide the content on social media. The star has taken the big risk to open the account on Only fans. Fans are very much excited to see her pictures. Let’s see what turn Bomi’s life will take from this point. Will she continue with the group or leave? The time will tell us.

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