Who is Taylor Lianne Chandler? Instagram of Michael Phelps Girlfriend

Michael Phelps is a popular sports personality and American swimmer who won most medals in Olympics. He is into the headlines because of ex-girlfriend. Taylor Lianne Chandler is a lady who is in news because she made shocking statement in media interview. In an interview, she said about swimming star Michael Phelps and trans girls in sports. This all started after Michael Phelps commented Lia Thomas, a trans swimmer who won tournament against Iszac Henig last month. So who is Taylor Lianne Chandler and why she made statements in public on this topic over Michael Phelps and trans.

Who is Taylor Lianne Chandler?

As per latest reports, Taylor Lianne is a transgender woman who claims that she dated the popular swimmer Michael Phelps in past. Fans gone crazy after reading her official statement in an interview. In 2014, she met with him on Tinder.

Taylor’s age is 49-years and she is from Maine, United States. Both met through an online dating app and later dated each other for months. She is first lady who came openly in public and claimed of her relationship with Michael Phelps. Few years back she also appeared in an interview and revealed her identity to the fans.

Is Taylor Lianne Chandler on Instagram?

Taylor Lianne officially managing her account on Twitter account. She posted her pictures and latest tweet on the profile. Taylor is also officially available on Instagram. She is also having her own website where she states herself as crisis management consultant. She got fame after her relationship with swimming star Michael Phelps.

She is also a part of non-profit organization Us Helping Us, People Into Living as Transgender Health Coordinator. Her office is located in Washington DC. Taylor earned his degree in Social and Behavioral Science. She also works as radio presenter, speaker and author.

Taylor shared number of her pictures on the official Twitter and Instagram handle.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Net Worth

Taylor is an independent woman who worked in media for years. There is no data available on her total net worth, family and assets.

She is a married woman and her partner name is Matthew Meagher-Walker. Taylor’s official twitter username is @RealTayChaTLC.

In an exclusive interview, she said about Michael Phelps over his comments on trans Lia Thomas. Tayor joined the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania. Lia grabbed sports fans attention from latest performance and win against Iszac Henig.

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