Who is Twitch star Mikaylah? Age, Leaked photos on Twitter

Mikaylah is famous all over the social media platforms, thanks to her high quality personality and her absolutely amazing gaming skills. She is very famous for being a trendsetter and a girl who accepts big challenges very easily. It makes her a step ahead of other social media stars. She was born on 20 October, 1998. She is from New Zealand. Her very famous Tiktok account name is mikaylahu. Her account on this social media platform has 76 million likes. Her total number of followers in Tiktok is 3.5 million followers. She had started her Tiktok account in the year November 2020. She also has a Youtube channel named Mikaylah. It has in total 209k subscribers and has already garnered a huge amount of views, being 30 million exactly.

Her Journey through Social Media

Her Youtube channel was started back in July 2020. Her first video came in October 2021. From there on she never looked back, she went from strength to strength and carved a niche for herself. Her famous video on her Youtube channel was titled “Touch the bottom of your tongue?” and it gave her video has a huge number of views that is more than 3.1 million.

She also has an Instagram account that has the user id “Mikaylah_au” and it also has more than 1 million followers. Her Twitch account also got more than 343k followers.

Lover of Apex Legends

She is an avid Apex Legends player and she streams it extensively to the joy of her viewers. Her interest to chat with her followers makes her one of the few hot favorites among her followers.

Her fan following and her gaming skills have made her a huge favorite among her followers and gamers equally.

Her favorite game Apex Legends is already a legendary game and her influence in it is taking it to an absolute next level, without any doubt. It has been doing amazingly well. In the coming time, she will much more followers than she is having right now.

Mikaylah on Twitter

Mikaylah is officially using Twitter account. She informs about latest videos and live shows on her Twitter account. The star is also a model and uses an Instagram account to share the new photos and pictures with fans. The Twitch star is growing in United States for the amazing content and live streams on channel and Twitch account. You can follow her on different social account to get latest updates of events.

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