Who is Wiyada Pontawee on Instagram? Model photos and age

Very often unexpected things happen, even before we realize what is going on. One such incident took place over this week on 14th February when Wiyada Pontawee, a model’s son died due to drowning in a pool. The model was then distress on the situation and cried for hours for the incident that took place. We are here to know what exactly had happened that caused this stressful situation.

Wiyada Pontawee Age

Wiyada Pontawee is a 26 years old model. She serves online service of sharing adult photos on platform and other adult services for a small fee. Users subscribe to her service to get regular updates and photos. Wiyada have a husband who is a photographer. Her son was 2 years old, Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna, but sadly he is no more after an incident that took place on 14th February. She lost her son due to a tragic incident that took place at a pool part cum photoshoot.

Wiyada Pontawee latest news

Wiyada along with her photographer husband went on a pool party celebrating the Valentine’s Day. The couple was accompanied by many more adult models who came on the pool party. One such model is seen standing near the pool in a black bikini. For an instance, when the couple were working on their adult photoshoot, Wiyada’s husband heard a voice from the pool. When he saw back he confronted his son struggling. He immediately tried rescuing him by jumping in the pool. The paramedic came immediately and tried to give CPR to the child. But unfortunately on the way to the health care center, the boy was announced dead.

Wiyada Pontawee Photos and Instagram

The situation was uncertain. No one expected any such incident to take place. Wiyada was broken after knowing her small baby death. She said, “I’m heartbroken. I don’t want to live anymore.” This clearly states the pain that she is going through right now. People, friends and fans are sharing their condolences with them. The authorities aren’t raising any investigation as it seemed an accident. They told media to share a caution for all the parents to keep a keen eye on their children if they are near a pool to avoid such incidents.

The model has also shared her pictures on Instagram promoting content and premium videos to the fans. The model is making good money from her profession. Her total net worth is not currently revealed.

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