Who was Francine Lons? Keyshia Cole’s Biological Mother passed away

It’s been really sad to hear that Keyshia, American R & B singer lose her mother Francine Lons on 18th of July. This disturbing and traumatic news is confirmed by the Keyshia’s sister Elite Noel. She has posted this news at instagram story. The sad part about her death is that she died on her 61st Birthday.

What happened to Francine Lons?

There is not any specific reason reveals behind the death of the Francine Lons. Keyshia Cole’s brother Sam gives statement that, Francine was overdosed at her birthday party. She was there to celebrate her birthday but unfortunately lose her life on the very same day. She was died at her Oakland home. Lons is addicted to drugs. Her adult life was spent in battling with drugs addiction. Sam further stated that he used to monitor Francine everyday so that she could maintain some decency.

Who is Francine Lons?

Francine Lons was the biological mother of the famous American singer Keyshia. She got married to the boxer who is a trainer name Virgil Hunter. Both are the biological parents of the singer. But Keyshia was raised by their family friends Yvonne Cole and Leon. At the age of two, she was adopted by Yvonne Cole and Leon. The reason is because of her Mother was gone through the battle with Narcotics. She was also in the prison for definite period of time.

Keyshia was always in touch with her parents. Even they got reunited after Keyshia grow as an adult. Keyshia always talked about the struggles of her parents with drugs addiction.

One of her post at instagram, she said that it breaks her heart, when she see every time her mother relapse. Even she posted that she would help her mother in her struggle no matter what, she would always be by her side.

After the death of her mother, many of her fans show condolences. A large number of fans of singer showing respect and last pray to Francine Lons. May God give strength to Francine Lons family.

Fans took Twitter and other social platforms to express their support to the Keyshia. As she was close to her mother. We can see her strong bond with mother in the pictures. Francine died at the age of the 61 years. She was old and sick. This death news is officially confirmed from the family members on the Twitter platforms. More updates soon here.

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