Who was Marley Tauscher? Obituary of girl dies in Mississippi River accident

Marley Tauscher Death Cause: How West Salem girl died in river accident 

The city newspapers reported an unfortunate today. A young age girl from West Salem died Friday morning. According to the reports, she was killed in an accident on the Mississippi River.

The victim, who has been identified by authorities due to her age, sustained injuries that proved fatal according to police records. The girl identified as Marley Tauscher who died in this accident. In the letter, it says that Tauscher was on both of their cross country and soccer teams.

West Salem High School has announced that senior Marley Tauscher will be leaving her position on the cross country and soccer teams. The letter from district administration informed parents of this decision, which was finalized after an extensive review process last week during board meeting at WSSD headquarters in downtown Salem.”

The school authority had confirmed the death of the young girl (Marley Tauscher) in an accident.

The four people involved in this accident were all transported to local hospitals. Two of them survived with serious injuries, but it’s unclear if they’ll ever fully recover from their wounds due to the severity nature of these crimes against them and three others suffered less severe abrasions and contusions that should heal on their own over time while one had no outward signs nor symptoms present at first glance so he might have been lucky enough just get off easy by being untreated because we know how expensive healthcare can be nowadays.

The GoFundMe page for Marley’s family has been made to raise the funds. It is a very sad story like no other we have heard before.

Rescue crews responded to an accident on the West Channel of river in La Crosse County. At 1:29 p.m., it seemed like a typical day for those who enjoy riding jet skis; however within minutes into their journey two men had fallen off and were trapped under water with nothing but professional skill keeping them alive until help could arrive.

A young girl from West Salem died after a watercraft accident on the Mississippi River this week. She was one of two people who were injured in the incident, which remains under investigation by authorities. As per reports, the exact reason of death is not known yet. No details are available on the condition of three other people who survived this tragedy. We will have more information after the authorities investigation.

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