Who is Namhla Mtwa boyfriend? Being Beaten video on facebook emerged

Who is Major Mfesane Bhekizulu? Namhla Mtwa boyfriend accused of shooting and beating

We are well aware of all the relationship issues that are caused now and then. Well some affairs are taken far enough to destroy people’s career, and sometimes end up taking their life. One such incident took place when Namhla Mtwa was found dead in her car. Now people are pointing their finger towards are ‘so-called’ boyfriend. The allegations are currently taken into consideration only on social media. To know more about what has happened, and who is the boyfriend of Namhla, follow our article till the very end.

Namhla Mtwa Age

Namhla Mtwa was a 35 year old municipal employee, who was found dead in her car recently. She was shot 9 times on her upper torso, and there are no mark of violence. But was a cold blooded murder. She was found dead and her family were informed. The internet has taken the situation on storm as people on social media took it as offensive. So, what has exactly happened? And what are the thoughts of people relating to the murder of Namhla Mtwa. Continue reading the article to know about this answers.

Boyfriend Major Mfesane Bhekizulu

People on internet are pointing out her 41 years old businessman boyfriend named Major Mfesane Bhekizulu. The concern trails people in understanding what has happened in past. When the family unlocked the phone of Namhla Mtwa, they got to read about the angry exchanges between both of them. They were more concern on knowing what has happened that made this situation? As per the reports, her boyfriend was already accused of murdering one person, and another case on attempt to murder.

Namhla Mtwa Incident and Death Cause

The Ngqeleni Magistrate’s Court in Mthatha granted the businessman R50 000 bail on charges of premeditated murder and attempted murder. At the time of writing, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokeswoman Luxolo Tyali could not provide an update on the status of the court case. Mfesane Bhekizulu, Namhla Mtwa’s lover, is not detained because he is just suspected of murder. Further investigation and police have not uncovered the identity of the killer.

Mene stated on Saturday that the police had started looking for the culprit. She also revealed that she assigned the probe to senior management at the brigadier level and that detectives and the deceased’s family members met on a regular basis to offer frequent feedback. We share our deepest condolences to their family.

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