Who was Reema Monga? Death in Perth accident (25 years age)

Reema is an Aussie who has been modelling since her early days. She’s done everything from print ads, runway shows and she even won Australia Galaxy Peagent of 2020. You can call Reem a born winner if that’s what you want to say because this woman knows how to work hard for what she wants in life.

We have some bad news about her. The fashion influencer died in a car accident which happened in Pert Australia. Check this report of Reema’s professional life and death cause.

Who was Reema Monga?

Reema was a fashion star, glamourous model and influencer with over 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. On the videos, she usually posts about trying new products related in fashion such as makeup or clothing pieces from brands like Dior Coco Chanel Gucci etc. Her work is definitely something that you should check out. She influenced many fans from the fashion and modelling videos. Her style was into trend in the fans. Also his makeup tips were used by the video watchers.

Reema used to review the fashion products and promote it on the channel or Instagram profile.

Reema Monga Died in Perth Accident

36-year old Reema was transported to Royal Perth Hospital, where she passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash. The model and actress has been widely known as “Reemaa Fatale” for her work on screen India’s Dancegarden reality television show which brought international attention when it aired last year across various networks. She was an Indian-Australian personality who passed away at the age of 35 years. Reema was active on social media and popular for the viral content. Her modelling photos and videos received appreciation and comments from the fans. The actress died in a car crash accident.

Reema’s sudden passing left an impact on everyone. She was loved by many and condolence posts about the situation are abundant online, especially in social media where you can find sad captions that express how much someone misses her presence or sends their thoughts with regards to what has happened.

Reema moved from India as a young child then later moved back into Australia permanently at some point during childhood years before becoming famous for being one-half of TV duo called Captain & Ms Reema. She won the hearts of Australian fans in fashion world.

We found that her Instagram was deleted for some reasons and she made second official account.

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