Why John Evangle Morris III from Augusta Georgia arrested?

Are you wondering to known who is John Evangle Morris III and why he has been arrested by the police. John Evangle Morris III aka Tripp Morris has been sentenced to prison in the two different cases: in the first he got 25 years prison and in another case 20 years. He has been sentenced total 45-years of prison. He is the ex-husband of the popular real-estate agent Venus Griffin who is also a motivational speaker in country. The ex-husband of a real estate agent is said to be John Evangle Morris III, who lives in Augusta GA has been arrested. Let’s know little more about the Venus Griffin. Who is she? And why her name is linked to this high profile case.

Who is John Morris Tripp?

Venus’ ex-husband John Morris is not well known, but he has been mentioned in a few articles. We don’t know his exact biography and business. And according to some accounts his age is around forty years old. He is mainly known in the media and public as the ex-husband of the Venus Griffin.

John, Venus’s ex-spouse is currently in prison for two different cases of child ab**e crime. He was reportedly captured by law enforcement officers and dispatched to a South Carolina jail where he remains today and alas the full story of his crime has not yet come to light.

Tripp Morris, Venus Griffin Husband Is In Prison Augusta Georgia

Why he has been arrested?

Venus Griffin posted a series of posts on Humans of New York page which quickly got thousands of comments and reactions from the readers.

venus griffin facebook

When she received a phone call in the middle of night, Venus’s life changed forever.

She to know about the fraud case of the John Morris who sent to jail for 45 years as an accomplice.

Tripp’s ex-wife, Griffin tells us that he is currently in prison serving a 45 year sentence. So far with six installments of her story posted on Facebook she hasn’t said why he was incarcerated but we can only hope it’s because of his crimes and not something worse which may have been committed against them both while they were together.

Venus Griffin Instagram and children

venus griffin bio

Griffin is the mother of seven children.

Venus Morris Griffin has only 7K followers on her Instagram profile. Followers can check her kids photos on the profile. She uploaded many pictures of kids and family. This shows that she is very close to her family.

Moving on to the Venus Griffin’s achievements in the real-estate then she is an award winning personality in her field. She also organizes live sessions on her Insta profile to motivate and inspire her followers. We are looking for an official statement from Venus Griffin on this Tripp Morris fraud case.

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