Why was Brittany Griner Russia Arrested? Know Salary and career

Things takes turn up really quick, especially when the fame lies on you. Phoenix Mercury star player, Brittney Griner got caught up in the hassle of drug charges in Russia recently. The news took over the internet by storm as the player was one of the most reputed ones. Things came into tension when she didn’t post anything on her Instagram handle since 5th of February. She was indeed an active social media user and her not posting was indeed a worried some matter for her fans.

Brittney Griner have interest in basketball since an early age. She is 31 years old, and started her career in NBA in 2015. Things became heated when she got caught in Russia and he charges are intriguing, she got herself caught in drug charges. The things took up in different flow when a drug sniffing dog came across a bag that had vape cartridges. These are illegal in Russia and that is what all went wrong. When the investigation continued, they found cannabis oil, aka weed, in her bag.

With this serious offense she was caught, she may be facing a 5-10 years prison. Until and unless the country deals her release to save her, there is nothing that can be done. During the investigation, the officers found that she is a WNBA player. Till date, there is no indication on the release of the NBA player. People are tend to get worried on what’s going on, but they will soon get some solution out of this. The 31 year old NBA player, Brittney Griner has to remain calm on the drug charges she was posted on.

Phoenix Mercury are yet to make an official announcement on the arrest that was made. Brittney Griner one of the lead player of the team was arrested in Russia on drug charges, and the team management haven’t made any statement yet. Do not worry, stay tuned with us for all the news related to Brittney Griner’s arrest in Russia. We are tend to update you on all the news.

Brittney Griner has been involved in the sport of basketball from an early age. She is now 31 years old, and she started her career with NBA back when it was just starting out- 2015 to be exact. But things heated up after this incident where we found out that not only did BRITNEY get herself into some interesting situations while playing overseas (which included charges related), but also caught cheating which made headlines around America happen upon themselves.

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