Why was Koe Wetzel arrested? Is it for February 28 fans event?

Koe Wetzel Reminds Fans “Y’all Be Safe Today” On The Anniversary Of February 28th, 2016

On this day 6 years ago, the Texas rockstar we all understand and like was detained for public intoxication in Stephenville, Texas, and wound up investing a few nights in prison. He then wrote a song about his experience on that eventful day, called “February 28th, 2016”, that was consisted of on his 2016 album Sound Complaint.

It became a breakout hit for Koe, and though he often states it’s his worst song, is still a fan-favorite that people will scream along every word to at a live show. It’s still among, if not the, absolute favorite’s among his die tough fans, and this day has become a holiday of sorts for them throughout the years. And Koe normally has some recommendations for everyone when this day rolls around on the calendar.

Koe talked a bit about the back story of the song on The Texas Music Scene a few years back, which live performance is constantly worth a watch from the Backroads Musicfest in 2018:

“February 28th, 2016, uh, it’s a song I wrote after I got picked up in Stephenville. I kinda had already had the idea of it, and then I got picked up one night in Stephenville and spent a couple nights in Erath country jail. Got out, finished the song, and every time I hear it, or every time we play it, I just go back to Stephenville, you know. I was in Stephenville for five of six years, so it’s kinda like a second home to me. This song really means a lot to me and the guys, and kinda just takes us back to where we were at at that point in our lives.”

Looks like a great day for the rockstar celebrating anniversary. Sometimes the accomplishments in life does seem worthy, and with Koe Wetzel he seems really happy to release the song that he picked in Stephenville. He had some rough patches, but the dedication he kept on completing this song is clearly the best out of best.

We are getting some news that Koe Wetzel has been arrested because of the noise complaint. This news was shared by the fans on the social media. It is not cleared and confirmed that why he was arrested? The singer will soon discuss about this incident with fans on social media. He has millions fans on Instagram profile.

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