Why was NHS Staff arrested in UK? Fake vaccine certificate

Six member of among National Health Services has been arrested on this Sunday. They are been arrested for keeping false data base of vaccines doses. They changed the patient’s record and show that the people had been administered with both the doses of vaccine.

Local police investigated and monitored the health department in October. They come across that the fake certificates had been generated to show the doses even the people had not administered with either of two. Here we are talking about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Police is arresting suspects after the two months of the investigation. Earlier only one person was found suspected but later on five other names were come across. Even after that this crime is continuing by the criminals. Last week the crooks are seeing selling the fake reports and proof of Covid- 19 double doses at $400.

This fraud is been holding because it’s has been make compulsory to show double vaccination certificate for the venues like night clubs, bars, theatres , sports complex etc. This is really very alarming situation which really require grip to hold. If people are not vaccinated, it will cause suffering to whole world.

The criminals who are been arrested includes both men and women. Two men with the age 29 and 26 and three women with the age between 20 and 25 have been arrested from London and Maidstone respectively. The one person employee of National Health Services has been detained and remaining four is under investigation. The charge sectioned on five is come under Computer Misuse Act.

One of the undercover agents with the help of messaging app Snapchat asks TT for the same service. After that TT asked the details of the person that has to be altered, including the NHS number. TT asks for the payment of $400 with the bank account holder name with Christmas. Later on, send the screenshot of the health records showing that two fake vaccinations certificates has been uploaded.

The report came out in public after the investigation of the certificates. The arrested staff will face charges of fraud and fake. They issued the false certificates of the vaccine. The UK officials are working hard to provide booster to everyone and such incidents are making new challenges for them. The case will be investigated further.

This fake and criminals actions should be taken very seriously by the police department as well as the health department. For more details stay to our website.

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