William White Taking Over Tiktok! (whiteyy18) Canada Model

William White, a recent viral Tiktok star and model from the Canada taking over Tiktok by his charming smile videos and lyp-sync content. He is in everybody’s mind since last few weeks after his few videos became popular in the public. Who is William White? Why girls and women’s faint over him. He is a Tiktok user or content creator from Ontario. The Canadian model is 21-years old and manages his account under the hashtag- whiteyy18. He is a sensational star on the Tiktok in the US, UK and Canada. We have collected few interesting information of this guys which given in points.

Who is William White?

William White is a Canadian-model and Tiktok content creator who became viral for the ’80s tunes’ lyp-sync videos. Many women are having crush on him while men wants to be like him. He was born in 2020. This guy entertained everyone by his 80s hits videos.

He is a very good looking and making some interesting or unique stuff for the fans.

We also found lots of the parody videos on the White made by the women and their husbands.

Before becoming model, White used to do job in the the construction field.

William White tiktok videos

The numbers or stats are quite impressive on the White’s Tiktok profile. His videos are liked by over 16 million times. He has 1.4 million fans on the Tiktok platform this time.

He also performed with Legend John Fogerty in one video. They made a video on the cover song.

White runs his own verified YouTube channel. And got 107K followers on Instagram. He is associated with fashion product selling on his own e-commerce website. There are lots of modelling pictures on his account. Still his videos are getting lots of views each day. Soon he will grow more in Tiktok platform.

Women love his videos

A lot of women reacted on his videos on the different social platforms. We have seen some interesting reactions on the YouTube. Also lots of followers donated money to this guy for the amazing videos and clips. Day by day, White’s popularity soaring on the social media.

If this trend continues, then soon White will become a top Tiktok star in Canada. Over million of public started following whiteyy18 on the Tiktok and YouTube.

He is also being offered lots of amazing opportunities from different agencies and personalities. White also inspired many to start making videos and clips.

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