Woman barely saved herself at Bronx Apartment from man with 37 prior arrests

Burglary and mugging has been rapidly increasing now-a-days. People fail to understand the severity of the victim’s mental and physical state after going through any such incident. Many reports suggests that, few of the burglars and muggers do this for surviving their own life and few because of their addiction. But in any case, it is a severe offence and crime.

A very similar case happened at the Bronx Apartment, a multi-unit residential building near East 168 Street and Sherman Avenue in the Concourse Village section. This incident took place on 23rd of September. A 50 year old lady was going back to her apartment from work and suddenly felt a suspicious vibes from nearby people.
Two people who were standing little far away from her residence tried to call her. The addressed her twice saying, ‘Miss, miss’. But she understood the severity of the issue and hurriedly ran in her apartment. One of the man ran back of her but she merely escaped the chase. He tried to knock the door twice in anger and fled the scene immediately.

This report was taken and she requested to keep her identity hidden. After looking at the CCTV footage, she was devastated it was a close call. She even gave a statement that, ‘”I feel very scared,” she said. “I was saying, what if? What if I had the top door locked? What if I had the top door locked? He could’ve gotten me.”
Her instincts gave her the intuition to escape the scene if not she would have been a victim of a robbery, or maybe something worse. Later after the investigation it was quoted by the officials that the accused person has already been arrested 37 times for mugging and burglary. This time they have charged him for ‘attempt to burglary’.

The woman is now trying to cope up with the situation and get back to her routine life. Family people are taking up stand and attending her while she leaves the building to work. The police arrested the man for the charges. His has many cases pending against him. He is now booked with new charges and will be presented in the court. Such cases are increasing in USA and making situation worse for police and department day by day. The local media took this up and asked for the security of the locals in the area. The incident got highlighted in local media.

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