Woodlawn shooting kills boy, 16, an hour after teen gunned down in Bronzeville: Chicago police

It’s a nice afternoon in Woodlawn USA the most developed nation in the world, in Woodlawn a teen who finished his school for the day and going back to his home from school in afternoon teenager has been shot down by an unknown person in Woodlawn. Let’s know more what happened so far in the case.

The unknown person shot down the boy in the head and the boy was shot dead and the boy was a teen just a sixteen year old shot down in the head for coming back to home from school. The boy shot down straight into his head at the greenwood avenue and the suspect who shot the boy in the head fled back to his residency which was located in the same block. However the police has taken the suspect into custody for the good and also which is good for the neighborhood the police have responded immediately to the crime scene but it was too late by then they have sent the teenager to the hospital but due to the head shot he couldn’t make it and as said before he was spot dead.

Before an hour around 3.15pm which means before this teenager got shot down in the head another teenager got shot down at 3.15pm the teenager got approached by a person who is unknown pulled a gun at him and opened fire in the public.

This incident occurred at Bronzeville and which led the entire neighborhood into a shock but one of the neighbor has spoken about the incident while he his doing his work from home. He said about the incident by starting that he has heard a half a dozen gun shots and he is so shocked and called his neighbor who lives upstairs to confirm that their gunshots or not his neighbor confirmed to him that they are gun shot and that’s what he shared about the incident.

The teenager got struck in head and the police responded immediately sent the teenager to the comer children’s hospital in a critical condition and the police have confirmed victim/teenager as Michael brown and the police have confirmed that Michael brown is dead. And police has taken the both suspects into the custody around 5.00pn at 63rd street during a traffic stop and they are held being in the custody and being questioned by the police. Get all latest world news on AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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