WordHurdle Game – The new Wordle 2 name, Answer and Hints

Word Hurdle: The new name of Wordle 2 game

Wordle 2 has introduced its new name WORD HURDLE. Users will now have to play the game with this new name. Wordle 2 has released on 31st August 2020. In these 2 years the game is getting famous worldwide. The game is the continuation of the Wordle series. Let’s see is there any change in the game or it is following the same rules. We will tell you how to play this game and download it.

What is Word Hurdle? Why the Wordle 2 name changed?

The game is the new name of the Wordle 2. The rules are same as earlier. Users have to guess the word within 6 attempts. The word contains six letters. The message about the name change is displayed on its official website. The game follows the same principle as earlier.

The game has changed its URL to Word hurdle. But unfortunately, because of the name change of URL, the previous data and statistics has also been reset. Users have to restart their progress again. The game data is been stored via cookies in users’ browsers that attach to the URL. When users start their game again, their statistics will be stored in new URL.

How to play Word Huddle?

Those who have not played this game yet, here we will tell you about the rules of the game.

You have to guess 6 letters word by your choice. Each time you enter the letter the letter color will change to blue, yellow and gray. If the letter color changes to Blue it means that the guess is correct and in on right place. If the letter color changes to Yellow, it means that the letter is correct but not rightly place. And if the letter turns into grey it will tell you that the letter does not belong to the word.

The game is very much in trend this year. The game is very informative too. You will learn about new words every day. You can play this game from the link available on its official website. So, what you are waiting for, go and enjoy the game as much.

Daily Answers and Hints

Test your English vocabulary with this fun game. You get six tries to guess the final answer, so use all of those intelligence skills you have. Here check the daily hints and answers of the Wordle 2 game. It is hard and more trickier than the first version of Wordle.

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