X_yesuuu: Speed and Ava video leaked on Twitter, what happened so far?

Fame has now just became a game of authority. If anyone is willing to check at some twitter accounts posting, they will be amazed. People are getting tons of followers within no time just by approaching to value of content. This means that they are trying some catchy tricks to lure viewers to watch their videos and content on social media. Currently one such person is trending on Twitter named X_Yesuuu. A video with caption, Speed and Ava is been becoming famous just by crossing heck views on Twitter.

We do not have much information about who is behind the account X_Yesuuu but we surely know that the person is trying to lure people on following them. So, the account started in the month of February this year and already has over 17.5 thousand followers. Just wow right? So what exactly is it about? The user with the Twitter handle @X_yesuuu first shared a photo of a girl displaying content that isn’t common. People started to follow the person for all the stuff that is posted.

After long time, the user has shared a video of a girl with pink hairs. She is seem to be enacting content that ends with ‘job’. You are all aware and smart to crack it down. The video has a caption called ‘Speed and Ava’. But is that it? The video is been currently shared all around internet. People are becoming crazy behind what is going on. There isn’t a stop on this, it is just continuous and people tend to follow X_Yesuuu even more after this release of video.

Even after posting NFSW content on the twitter account, @X_Yesuuu account is still active on Twitter. You can basically search for the account on twitter and get all the details cracked up immediately. X_Yesuuu account currently has less content and the person is sharing a lot of content in the recent time. So that is the reason behind the Speed and Ava video been leaked and becoming viral on Twitter in no time.

A lot of content already taken down by the officials on the social media. Many users reported the inappropriate content and after that it was taken down. The Speed and Ava already spread like fire on social media. Fans reacted to it and shared their mixed reactions on social media. @X_Yesuuu’s followers also increased on Instagram after this video incident on the social media.

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