Xordle is the new daily puzzle game answers and hints

A new version of Wordle is Xordle Game: Game of two secret words

People are hooked to Wordle. With the arrival of this puzzle game, the puzzle gaming world seems to have revived its position at a time when it was looking as if it was going to dry. It is never late when you come up with a great gaming concept; you are bound to get people hooked to it. If you are loving this game, then there are a lot of spin off games that have come you can actually try and will stay glued to. These games are also mostly free and you can play on a daily basis very easily. Xordle can be directly played online with hints and words on the puzzle.

What is Xordle game? Alternative of Wordle game

Just take two minutes and try this alternative of Wordle game. You can play it online for free. You will love it once you try. This Xordle game has come with similar object like Wordle and you can play once per day game here and also you have option to try out infinite Wordle. You just need to guess the word in 9 attempts and the game can be played once per day in a daily mode and in random mode you can play infinite times per day. Trying this game out can be fun.

How to play Xordle?

Here are the steps which you can follow to play the Xordle game. It is an interesting words puzzle game which millions of players enjoying daily.

  1. Just guess the word that is hidden within nine tries. 5 letter word is usually the ones that come for this guessing game.
  2. After trying out color of the letters change to show you how close you are to getting the correct solution.
  3. Here you will get two secret words.
  4. They will not have any letters in common.
  5. Within 9 tries you can guess both the words.
  6. Start with random clue and get going.
  7. It is same for all in the daily mode.
  8. This way you can play the game and start your winning streak.

About the Xordle Game

Xordle is a Wordle variant which follows the concept of two secret words, one board and no overlap between the words.

The rules of the game are little bit tricky. There are the three version of the game by Josh Wardle: Xordle, Fibble and Warmle.

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