Yandere Freak Tiktok: Snow the Salt Queen manslaughter charges

Yandere Freak is the new trending name on the Tiktok and Twitter. Everyday we see new guys making on the social media for the various reasons. Yandere Freak came into trend headlines of wrong doing. Who is she? Is her Tiktok name is Snot the Salt Queen? Yandere Freak is a Tiktok star and personality who has 1.6 million followers on the Instagram. She is a cosplayer who uses the tag name ‘Tomura is GOD’. She has been charged with accident killing of a school friend with firearm. The police investigating this case as top priority because it a matter of manslaughter.

Who is Yandere Freak?

Yandere Freak is a Tiktoker and cosplayer who lives in Houston, Texas, United States. She is making and uploading videos on social media since 2016. She feature into the different costumes and outfits. Yandere is 23 years old and her birth year is 1998.

Users reported on the social media that she changed her name from snowthesaltqueen. She is trending in fans by both names. No true story yet known behind the change of name. This can be just a rumor.

She is facing some serious charges. She was arrested in January and hearings happening in Harris County District Courts.

Yandere Freak Tiktok

Yandere Freak is a Tiktok star whose real name is Mary Anne Oliver-Snow. Yandere grabbed millions of users by costumes plays, videos, dance and posting the outfits. In past she had collaborated with the popular Tiktok stars. She ran two accounts on Tiktok. Her first account was deleted by the Tiktok admin so she started another one. This time her official handle goes by name feral.yandere.

Yandere’s profile can also be found on Instagram where she has 19K followers and few posts on profile. She describes herself as IRL Junko Enoshima.

Yandere Freak Full Drama

Many users are calling this a drama from Freak. She is trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons. The cosplayer facing intense public scrutiny online. She had been arrested in January on the basis of the recorded audio statement given to the police. The name of her friend who died accidentally was Helen Rose.

The Tiktoker was very famous with massive fan following on social media. This accidental incident just spoiled her career and life. The cosplayer accepted her crime and explained the full story to the police and court. The final verdict of the hearings is yet to come. It will be announced soon.

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