Yumi’s Cells Episode 13: Recap, Episode and Release Date

Falling in love with web-drama is the current trend of youth, right? Yumi’s Cells is catching up the trend for now. The episode 13 of drama has been online now and people are going crazy knowing the incomplete twist of the previous episode. The drama’s episode 13 stares 2 main cast roles i.e. Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Yumi (Kim Go Eun). Looks like the coming episode that is Yumi’s cell episode 13 plot would bring a lot of fans to realization on the depth of the series after all.

The episode starts with showing that Woong have realized his feelings for Yumi. He has been trying to escape all the close moments with Yumi since the beginning, but now finally he realized that she is his first priority. At the beginning, Woong sets up all things to leave the house of Yumi. This is all what his ego is speaking. But, Yumi doesn’t know the exact reason behind his behaviour. Looks like the message from Woong side isn’t communicated properly.

Even though Yumi proposed Woong in the previous episode, he managed to escape answering to it by stating to take up some time. It was uttered by the cells in his village. Yet, Yumi decided to give him some space and not to pressurize him at any moment.

The very first incident took place when Woong tried to change a bulb in Yumi’s house. But a tragedy parted their ways when Woong accidently broke a vintage dining table at her place. She loved it indeed, but Woong made the situation out of hand by offering to pay for the loss and not realizing his mistake. Even though Yumi knew Woong was short in money, he offered her to pay for something that expensive. This made her realize that Woong was trying to keep him distant from her.

Continue watching Yumi’s cells episode 13 to know more about what exactly is happening in the series. Why did Yumi ask for a break from Woong? Is everything alright between the two of them? For more detailed information, follow up Yumi’s Cells series and get going with amazing drama all-day-long.

The spoilers have been released for the Tv show in the media and fans. The show is taking over social media because of new twists and story plot. Fans will wait eargely for Yumi Cells episode 14 becuse the current episode ended at suspense and interesting question. Wait to watch the new episode soon.

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