Zeus Collins and Chie scandal video CCTV scandal on Twitter viral

Zeus Collins and chie filomeno video goes viral on Twitter, read what happened at parking lot

Haven’t we already seen a tons of leaked video news already this week? Things are heating up, and surely there is something that people love to watch as trend. Chienna Filomeno and Zeus leaked video is currently in viral mode. Even though the video got deleted from the original source, people are still sharing their consent on where the video is. The video got circulated all over internet, and there is not a single brake on it. To know more about this news, continue to read the article till the very end.

According to sources, the identity was disclosed in Instagram’s outrageous charges against the actress, who said she witnessed everything Zeus did in an ABS-CBN parking lot. In addition, netizens challenged the actress, claiming, “Kita phoned everyone from ABSCBN to CCTV.” Sue me for it, and I’ll show you the CCTV evidence. Dare”.

Later, she promptly disputes the claims made by her detractors. Along with this, the actress’s fans came up to thank her for saving her, defying the bully, and daring to come up. Chienna Filomeno, on the other hand, is a well-known model and actress with over 2 million Instagram followers. With this, a 25-year-old actress has already made her debut by appearing in a number of famous films. Princess Dayareese in 2021 and Crazy Beautiful You in 2015 are two of the actress’s most popular films.

There aren’t many information about her, but since the issue broke on social media, her followers have gone crazy to learn about it and want to know more. The video of the parking lot has been posted on social media, although it is difficult to locate the film as of today. Keep in touch with us for additional information. People are currently taking this video as a viral hike. We are not sure if there is any comment from both of them. We are looking forward to know more about this. Hopefully the video is now available on Twitter and Reddit, and you can find it there now.

The video has first shared and leaked on the Twitter platform. Later it gone viral in the fans and users on social media. The fans are raising questions after the scandal. The footage video has been shared publicly on Facebook and Twitter. As of now, we heard no official statement from either side.

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