Foodle Unlimited Wordle Game, guess the food and answers

As we have already played the different version of the words game after the huge success of the Wordle. Today we will talk about the new variant of this series which is Foodle. It is really amazing that the simple puzzle game on the NYT is getting huge publicity and love that it coming out with new variant in very short period of time. The Wordle game is already done with 300 variant. In which Foodle variant is the one. Let’s have a look on this new variant also and know how to play the Foodle game.

Foodle Game

As the name indicate, Foodle that is something related to food. In this game, user has to find out the name of the food. User have to put some pressure as the food name would be any special dish of any country. To make it more interesting, developer also linked the food items with famous restaurant and cooking. In this variant, players will be required to guess the name of the food.

How to play Foodle game?

As we have already mentioned you have to guess the name of the food. You will get 6 attempts to guess the right answer. Alike every version, you can play once in one day. The new game also have different color category which tell how you are doing well in game.

There is a five grid, in which you have to write the word of five letter. Once you hit enter, the grid will show three different colors. If there is green colour, it means your letter is right and is on a right place. If the grid is orange, it simply means that the letter in the word is correct but locate wrongly and if the grid show grey it means the letter is completely wrong. Once you get success, you have the option to upload your answer on social media where you can challenge anyone to compete with you.

Foodle Today Answer and Hint

The game is quite interesting and users are loving to play this game. You can easily play this game on its official website. The game will help you to increase your knowledge and you can utilize your free time in best way. Don’t wait, Go , Play and Enjoy the game.

We will share the today’s puzzle hint and answer here of the Foodle game. This will help to easily guess the today’s word and hint.

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