Factle Game, A New Competitor To Wordle Daily Word Puzzle

Factle is a new competitor to Wordle that adds more features to keep players interested. Factle is a new software that delivers Trivia answers, similar to Wordle. It’s just been a week, but it’s already gotten a lot of press. Factle, a new wordle-style game by Garrett Scott, has been launched. He is also the CEO of PipeDream Labs, a transportation and logistics startup, according to his Twitter bio. Factle has surpassed the craze for Wordle on the internet as individuals express their delight for the new game online.

What is Factle?

Factle users, like Wordle users, get six opportunities to get it correctly. Instead of guessing a five-letter word, users must rank the order of five facts. The game is a wonderful combination of Wordle and Trivia. The game’s new function has captivated players. According to one tweet, it has replaced Wordle as her new favorite game. She wrote on a piece of paper, “Consider the name Factle. After Wordle, this is my new favorite daily game.”

Another guy claims that while word games have never piqued his interest, Factle with trivia has. Users have begun to share their enthusiasm about Factle, as well as their attempts to answer the day’s issue, since the game’s launch earlier this week.

Factle game rules

Factle, a game gaining popularity among puzzle enthusiasts, has introduced an innovative approach to sharing game results, particularly catering to a more inclusive audience. Unlike Wordle, which uses the familiar green and yellow blocks to represent player guesses on social media, Factle has replaced these with cat and frog emojis. This creative twist not only retains the classic color scheme but also adds a distinct shape to each result, enhancing accessibility.

Key points to note about Factle’s unique approach include:

  • Inclusive Design: By using cat and frog emojis instead of colored blocks, Factle addresses the accessibility challenges faced by individuals who have difficulty distinguishing between colors, particularly yellow and green.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: This emoji-based representation makes the game more enjoyable and easier to understand for a broader range of players, including those with color vision deficiencies.
  • Social Media Sharing: The emoji format retains the fun aspect of sharing game results on social media, similar to Wordle, but in a more universally understandable way.

How To Play Factle Game?

Playing Factle is straightforward yet engaging, and it’s designed with a unique twist on the familiar Wordle-style gameplay. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding how to play Factle:

Basic Rules of Factle

  1. Objective: The main goal of Factle is to correctly arrange five trivia answers in the right order based on the day’s prompt.
  2. Attempts: Players are given six chances to rank these answers correctly.
  3. Answer Grid: When you begin the game, you’ll see a grid with several options to choose from for your answers.

Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Making a Guess: Select your answers and arrange them in the order you think is correct for the day’s prompt.
  2. Feedback on Guesses:
    • Yellow Indication: If an answer is part of the top five but is placed in the wrong order, it turns yellow. This means you’re on the right track but need to rearrange your choices.
    • Green or Frog Indication: When an answer is in the correct place, it will change to green or display a frog emoji. This confirms that you have correctly positioned that particular answer.
  3. Limited Attempts: Remember, you only have six tries to get all the answers in their correct order.

Strategy and Tips

  • Initial Guesses: Use your first few attempts to test out different arrangements.
  • Analyzing Feedback: Pay close attention to the feedback from each row to guide your subsequent guesses.
  • Rearranging Based on Clues: Use the yellow and green indicators to rearrange your answers in subsequent attempts.


Factle offers a fun and challenging experience that combines trivia knowledge with puzzle-solving skills. The game’s inclusive design, using color and emoji feedback, makes it accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience. Whether you’re a trivia buff or just looking for a new daily challenge, Factle is sure to provide an engaging brain teaser.