What is Tradle game? How to play the new International word puzzle?

Tradle Game: A new form of Wordle game

We all have already discussed about the different games of Wordle. This time we aging come up with new version of Wordle. Till now we are aware how much the game is trending now days. There are 300 versions of Wordle available. We have already talked about 10 to 12 versions. This time we will talk about TRADLE. We will see how the game is different from others. We will see how to play this game in this article.

What is Tradle Wordle game?

According to the sources, Tradle is like the grandchild of the Wordle. The game is looking like a clone of Wordle. Although there is little bit different in this game too as we have seen in earlier games. This game is about the trade and experts. Viewers have to guess the country name as seems in other Wordle games. Viewers can share their game to the social media also and can give challenge to their friends.

How to play the game online?

If you guys have not played it yet and even don’t know much about the game, then this is the right platform for you. We will let you know about each little detail of the game. As told you earlier, Users have to guess the country name on the basis of tree map which will show country exports to you. This time you will get the distance and direction as a hint. CONFUSE! If you will enter wrong country name, then display will show the distance and direction between the country you guess and the correct country. Users will get only six attempts to guess the correct answer. Each day the player will get different country and their exports name. Users found it very much addictive.

OEC Tradle

The game is addictive yet informative too. You will get knowledge about the different country exports. So if you have not played the game yet, go and play it now. The link of the game is available on its official web page. The game is totally free to play.

Without giving too much away, this game will make you think about countries and their exports. The map is based on trees so it can be tricky guessing which country a certain fruit or vegetable comes from without any further information.

Users can play this game online at https://oec.world/en/tradle/. The hints will also be available on official website.

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