Anti Wordle Unlimited Game – New type word puzzle, Today Answer

Antiwordle is a new, innovative word game that will have you guessing what the sentence means. You can play this fun and frustratingly difficult online anytime for free. As its name indicates, it is the opposite of the popular Wordle game.

Antiwordle is a challenging game that can only be played in daily mode. We’ve tried it and until now, we haven’t lost yet. This is the new version of the Wordle game. The program blocks your already used letters to force you into finding the word for today’s challenge and which makes things very difficult not guess what they’re hiding. What’s your word for the day? Well, if you get it right and share on social media then we’ll show how much time has passed since that was posted. Let’s know more Antiwordle game, tips and how to play the puzzle.

Anti Wordle Game

Anti-Wordle is the reverse of the Wordle game. It is little bit more challenging and hard to play.

The game is so challenging that we haven’t managed to lose yet, and even if you do find the right strategy for winning at Antiwordle – which can take hours or days depending on how patient one wants their experience with this fun little slots machine. There still won’t be any guarantees. It’s not just luck and every time we play it seems as though my opponents have some sort of advantage over me when they’re able seem through swaths of letters before mine appear instead theirs.

anti wordle

Rules to play the AntiWordle

When a letter is in red, you must put the next word with that same colored ink. If there are letters that are yellow and have no meaning to them then they will be used as though it were any other color of your choosing.

The goal of an antiwordle player is to lose. To achieve this, they must avoid using any letter that comes out in gray and keep their word intact by making certain letters do not exist or replace them with new ones before proceeding to the next round.

How to Play it online?

Wordle is a great way to create beautiful magnets out of your favorite words, but have you ever thought about playing with the letters? Anti Wordle does just that. This game allows players in each attempt get an idea as what letters exist and where they should be placed on theirraxic canvas for maximum effectiveness.

Antiwordle is a game with rules similar to Wordle. But this time you’re tasked not only get past all three letters correctly before time runs out and your objective also includes losing as many times possible. There are more clues available on antiwordles page than what was posted for words during last week’s challenge so make sure that when playing avoid using any repeated combinations.

The game can be directly played online on the official website of Anti Wordle. In this game, you are trying to lose. The colors change with each try and it’s your goal not win but rather keep losing.

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