Flaggle Game, answers and play country flag word puzzle

Similar to the Wordle game, Flaggle has been taking hype. People are driving crazy on the game play. When we look at flags, the only thing that comes in our mind is our nationality. Secondly, people tend to test their knowledge on how well they know the world. Flaggle is a similar game that will aid people to play a guessing game of flags. The number of attempts given a few, and the flag has to be chosen from a given list. The competition is too high, so do not lose the chance.

Flaggle Game

Flaggle is a game for vexillologists or anyone who knows a lot about the official flags of various countries. The goal of Flaggle is for a player to find the correct answer using algorithm hints in as few trials as possible. To begin, input any country name as a guess; the algorithm then tells you of which colours and how much space the color(s) occupy in the secret flag; you then repeat the process by entering additional nations as guesses to figure out the hidden flag; and that is Flaggle in a nutshell.

Play the new country flag guessing game

A whole map is presented at the start of a game on Flaggle, with a maximum of 6 guesses to finish it. Each “wrong” guess reveals information on the solution, such as if the target nation is on the same continent as the one you picked and whether it is larger or smaller. The game also includes six more challenge levels, such as mirroring and concealing the picture. Doesn’t it sound appealing?

How to play this game?

You can share the game information with your friends, and invite them to play. The Flaggle game is addictive and brings you closer to your flag knowledge. What shall be your role? Just chose the perfect flag within your thoughts, and summarize it by choosing the color. If you choose the perfect color pattern and guess the flag, you win. It sounds easier, but the difficulty increases by time. Make sure to share your feedback on the Flaggle game play. Do not forget to share the game with your friends and enjoy utmost.

Hints and Answers

You can play the Flaggle game online at https://ducc.pythonanywhere.com/flaggle/.

To make guessing more feasible, we’ve reduced the palette of colors down to just 10 common ones. You’ll be shown which portion shares each color with your answer on an identifying flag for easy reference.

The game Flaggle is a guessing-style competition where players try to identify which country’s flag belongs in the category given. There are many flags available, and you only get three attempts at choosing yours.

Already many puzzle solvers are loving this game and playing it daily. You can check the scorecards on official to get the names of top scorers.

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